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Why Choose Hot Melt Tape?

Hot melt tape has an exceptionally strong holding power, making it one of the most durable tapes on the market. A preferred type of packaging tape, hot melt tape is the perfect choice when shipping boxes because of its superior strength. From manual packing stations to automated lines, turn to the Shurtape HP Series hot melt packaging tapes. Our hot melt tapes are built to maximize throughput to save time and labor. For secure seals and added production efficiency, our HP Series hot melt packaging tapes offer the highest holding power to fiberboard in the industry and perform reliably down to the core.

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HP 200 HP 200® Production Grade Hot Melt Packaging Tape

Production grade hot melt packaging tape for manual or automated industrial sealing of medium-weight cartons in everyday manufacturing and shipping environments. HP 200® is engineered with an aggressive, high-tack adhesive and Hold Strong® technology, for superior performance that keeps carton seals intact.

The Benefits of Hot Melt Packaging Tape

There are several benefits to using hot melt packaging tape when preparing to ship a box or several boxes. As previously mentioned, hot melt tape has an extremely strong adhesion strength, creates an instant and permanent bond to a wide variety of substrates and surfaces and performs reliably to the core for efficient tape consumption. For an instant and lasting bond, consider using a hot melt packaging tape. At Shurtape, we produce multiple types of hot melt tapes so you can be confident you select the perfect tape for the job.

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