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FrogTape® Premium Grade, Double-Sided Poly-Hanging Containment Tape

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Shurtape Industrial is your trusted supplier of HVAC tape, heavy-duty duct tape, packaging tape and more.

Since 1955, Shurtape Industrial has designed, developed and crafted a full portfolio of pressure sensitive tapes and solutions designed to deliver exceptional performance and superior results. Through passion, inspiration and innovation, these tapes and solutions are purpose built to meet and exceed the standards of the markets we serve. At Shurtape Industrial, we build products and solutions that get the job done no matter the application!

No matter what line of work you’re in, Shurtape Industrial Products get the Job done.
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Hand holding an orange roll of electrical Building & Construction Tape

Electrical Tapes

Engineered to meet and exceed your expectations for quality and performance.

Hand applying silver tape to a section of HVAC vent

HVAC Tapes

We have the tapes you need to meet code, perform in the cold and deliver superior results.

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Packaging Tapes

Our portfolio of packaging tapes and applicators are purpose built for your needs.

Industrial tape being applied to a steel pipe

Industrial Tapes

No matter the job, we have the tapes you trust and the product features you demand.

Featured Products

AF 099 UL 181A-P/B-FX Listed/Printed Aluminum Foil Tape

Aluminum foil HVAC tape that's UL 181A-P/B-FX Listed for use on rigid fiberglass ductboard and flexible air duct.

FrogTape® Premium Grade, Double-Sided Poly-Hanging Containment Tape

Professional grade, double-sided containment tape used as a one tape, one step solution for creating high-performance containment systems.

PC 627 BR Duck Pro® by Shurtape® BR Code™ Scannable Duct Tape Codes

Duck Pro® by Shurtape® BR Code™ preprinted, scannable duct tape codes for indoor or outdoor use to quickly and securely connect physical locations to critical, digital information.

HP 200® Production Grade Hot Melt Packaging Tape

Production grade hot melt packaging tape for medium-weight carton sealing.

FrogTape® 225 Gold Performance Grade Moderate Temperature, Medium-High Adhesion Masking Tape

Performance grade, medium-high adhesion masking tape for use in temperatures up to 225 F.

MB 100CT Metal Building Insulation Seaming Tape

Cold temperature metal building insulation tape for seaming VR-R plus insulation backings.

CP 27® 14-Day ShurRELEASE® Blue Painter's Tape - Multi-Surface

Premium grade, medium adhesion 14-Day ShurRELEASE® painter's tape for indoor and outdoor use.

DC 181 UL 181B-FX Listed/Printed Film Tape

UL 181B-FX Listed and printed film tape for use on Class 1 Flex Duct in temperatures from -10 F to 210 F.

PC 9C Duck Pro® by Shurtape® General Purpose Grade, Colored Cloth Duct Tape

General purpose, contractor grade, poly-coated cloth duct tape, available in a wide variety of colors, for use in industrial color-coding and general repair applications.

CR 400 Performance Grade Paper Packaging Tape

Performance Grade Curbside Recyclable Paper Packaging Tape

FrogTape™ Pro Grade Flashing Tape

Flashing tape for creating weatherproof seals around windows and doors in residential and commercial applications.

T-Rex® Clear Repair Tape with All-Weather Crystal Clear Construction

Indoor/outdoor T-Rex® Clear Repair Tape for quick and discreet repairs to a variety of surfaces.