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Building & Construction

Abatement Market Infographic

Tapes of the trade.

AF 100E Sales Sheet

UL 181A-P/B-FX Listed Aluminum foil tape with EasyPEEL® liner.

AF Series Sales Sheet

Cold temperature aluminum foil tapes.

Industrial Construction and Restoration Sales Sheet

A full line of tapes that are engineered for performance.

DS 154 Infographic

Being two-faced has its benefits.

DS 154 Sales Sheet

Double-sided containment tape.

Electrical Tapes Decoded Infographic

Don’t wait for a costly accident to occur — learn the code.

Electrical Series Sales Sheet

Feel the quality. Trust the performance.

EV 77B Electrical Sales Sheet

Feel the quality. Trust the performance.

Flagging Tapes Infographic

Are you flagging tape fluent?

FloorMate® Sales Sheet

Damage-free temporary floor tape.

HVAC Sales Sheet

Tapes that deliver full system closure.

HVAC Meeting the Code Whitepaper

“UL Listed” mark on HVAC tapes certify product performance and inspection success.

HVAC Total System Closure Whitepaper

5 things to consider when choosing an HVAC tape.

HVAC Pick for Performance Infographic

Choosing the right HVAC tape for the job is critical to a job well done.

HW 300 Sales Sheet

Solvent-free housewrap tape.

Insulation Market Sales Sheet

A comprehensive line of pressure-sensitive tapes engineered for durability and versatility.

MB Series Sales Sheet

Insulation tapes built for aesthetics and performance.

Restoration, Abatement and Remodeling Sales Sheet

A full line of tapes designed for used in the most challenging environments.

Safety and Marking Tapes Sales Sheet

Tapes that deliver long-lasting performance in color-coding and hazard marking applications.

Stucco Series Sales Sheet

Stucco masking tapes designed for one-, two- or three-step processes.

Stucco Whitepaper

Prep work is serious business.

UL Listed Sales Sheet

Code complaint HVAC duct sealing tapes.

HVAC Full System Closure Infographic

The quest for full system closure ends with no leaks.

Industrial MRO

Co-Extruded Infographic

Not all duct tape is created equal.

CP 27 Sales Sheet

14-day ShurRELEASE® blue painter’s tape.

CP 631 Sales Sheet

Colored general purpose masking tape.

CP 901 Sales Sheet

Steel pipe masking tape.

CP 901 Dura-Bond Whitepaper

Protecting the pipeline.

DP 401 Whitepaper

DP 401 addresses tape lifting concerns at Diversified Foam, Inc.

Duct Tape Tips Infographic

10 pro tips for using duct tape on the job.

Duct Tape Performance Infographic

Don’t judge duct tape by its cover alone.

FP 115 Infographic

Get a grip and keep your paper, tube and core manufacturing lines running at peak production.

FP 115 Sales Sheet

High performance grade flatback paper tape for the paper, tube and core manufacturing industries.

High Performance Masking Sales Sheet

Temperature-resistant, clean removal masking tapes for the transportation industry.

Pro Paint Sales Sheet

Pro paint and performance masking tapes designed to make your job easier.

ShurGRIP® Sales Sheet

Best-in-class duct tapes built for versatility and performance in a range of permanent to temporary applications.

Packaging Tape

AP Series Sales Sheet

Extreme temperature acrylic carton sealing tapes.

Cold Temperature Packaging Sales Sheet

Carton sealing tapes for high performance in frigid conditions.

HP Series Sales Sheet

Hot melt carton sealing tapes with the highest holding power in the industry.

HP 235 Sales Sheet

Highly recycled corrugate packaging tape.

HP 240 Sales Sheet

Standard pre-printed, hot melt carton sealing tape.

Packaging Sustainability Infographic

A look at the growth and prominence of recycled packaging.

Packaging Tape Infographic

Hot melt and acrylic tapes purpose built for packaging.

Packaging Tape Performance Infographic

Does your packaging tape measure up?

Printable HP Series Sales Sheet

Surface printable, hot melt packaging tapes crafted to make a great first impression.

Water Activated Sales Sheet

Water activated tape solutions for the way you do business.

Water Activated Infographic

The case for e-commerce.

Packaging Applicators & Accessories

FE Dispenser Sales Sheet

ShurSEAL® folded-edge manual carton sealing dispenser.

Folded Edge Infographic

Get an edge on case sealing.

FlexPack Sales Sheet

ShurSEAL® folded-edge manual carton sealing system designed for packaging station applications.

Living on the Edge Infographic

The costs to using a box cutter to open packages.

FT 36 Sales Sheet

Pistol grip filament tape hand dispenser.

The Sticky Truth Infographic

Are you in the know?

The Sticky Truth Knife Cuts Infographic

Put the knife down and open with ease!

Prime Alert Sales Sheet

ShurSEAL® packaging solutions tape monitoring system.

ShurSEAL® Whitepaper

Double-down on case sealing success with Folded-Edge® Technology.

ShurSEAL® Fabri-Kal Whitepaper

A focus on food safety and continuous improvement.

ShurSEAL® Hilex Poly Whitepaper

Sealing is in the bag.

SP 5000 Sales Sheet

Replacement tape heads for case sealing applications.

SP 7000 Infographic

The pressure is on for secure seals.

SP 7000 Sales Sheet

ShurSEAL® packaging solutions for secure seals every time.

SP 8000 Infographic

The case sealing game has changed.

SP 8000 Sales Sheet

ShurSEAL® packaging solutions quick change sealing system.

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