General, Professional, & Premium Grades *UL Listing on EV Series

HVAC/Insulation Tapes

UL LISTED, Cold Temp & Insulation Tapes for Airtight Bond on Joints and Seams.

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No matter what line of work you’re in,
Shurtape gets the job done.

Your Trusted Supplier of HVAC Tape, Heavy-Duty Duct Tape, Packaging Tape and More

Shurtape offers a full portfolio of pressure sensitive tapes designed to deliver exceptional performance and superior results.

Feel the Quality.
Trust the Performance

Engineered to meet and exceed your expectations for quality and performance in a range of electrical and mechanical applications.

Airtight Performance.
No Matter the Job.

Whether you’re making a general repair or installing an entire HVAC system, we have you covered with the tapes you need to meet the code, perform in the cold and deliver superior results.

Secure Seals.
Every Time.

Every sealing situation is unique. That’s why our portfolio of packaging tapes and tape application technologies is purpose-built for your packaging and case sealing operations.

A Tape
for Every Job.

No matter the job, we have the tapes you trust – and the product features you demand – to deliver superior results.

True To Your Work

At Shurtape, we make relentlessly reliable tape for those with the highest, most exacting standards. We make tape for the professional, the craftsman. From painting and packaging to hvac and transportation, we make tape for virtually every industry. Because we believe the only job worth doing is a job well done.

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