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From preventing pilferage to informing handlers of special care instructions, with Shurtape printed packaging tapes, you can deliver a secure seal – and a clear message – with every package.

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HP 250 HP 250

Custom-printed, production grade hot melt packaging tape for sealing medium-weight cartons.

Production grade hot melt packaging tape that can be custom printed with a logo or message to prevent pilferage and allow personalization of outgoing cartons. For manual or automated industrial carton sealing of medium-weight cartons, HP 250 provides excellent holding power, superior performance and easy-to-read messaging.

Shurtape Preferred Products

HP 240

Production grade hot melt packaging tape with printed stock messages for sealing medium-weight cartons.

WP 250

Production grade reinforced paper tape with water activated adhesive and custom printed message for medium duty carton sealing.

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