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At Shurtape, we specialize in designing and engineering strong and durable tapes, including professional duct tape. When you need a tough, reliable tape, count on Shurtape professional duct tapes for the job. For ultimate durability, choose a duct tape made with Polybonded CO-EX Technology®, a co-extruded, seamless construction that adds strength and will not delaminate. The professional duct tapes we manufacture at Shurtape are made with premium grade materials. Regardless of your profession, they are suitable for various applications. Our professional duct tapes are trusted in motorsports, construction, HVAC and several other industries.

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PC 622 PC 622 Premium Grade Stucco Duct Tape

Premium grade cloth duct tape used for protecting window and door frames during stucco application, as well as for various applications in high performance motorsports and for heavy duty bundling, holding and splicing. PC 622 combines high tensile strength, excellent holding power and conformability to deliver a tape solution that can withstand the rigors of the job.

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Shurtape has been dedicated to creating strong, lasting tapes since 1955. Our professional duct tapes are among the most durable duct tapes available. At Shurtape, our focus is on the craftsmen who trust our products to perform in a range of applications and need duct tapes to perform. That’s why we demand consistent product performance and provide some of the strongest professional duct tapes on the market.

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