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Folded Edge® Technology, available on ShurSEAL® automated and manual tape applicators, significantly reduces the risk of product damage, along with cuts and lacerations during the packaging process, ensuring a safer, knifeless working environment for you and your team.



Cartons will have an easy, no-knife opening, reducing the risk of product damage and injury to employees and customers alike.

Foldededge Reliable


Cartons will have consistent tape application, resulting in better production throughput.

Foldededge Secure


Cartons will have increased seal strength along the edges of the tape and at the major flaps to add security and reduce the risk of contamination during storage and transit.

Boost Packaging Line Efficiencies and Reduce Risk with ShurSEAL® Folded Edge® Technology

Folded Edge® Technology is a feature available with ShurSEAL® Packaging Solutions that folds both edges of the packaging tape along the length of the carton as it’s applied. The patented folded edge attachment is mounted to the tape applicator’s dancer arm, providing the ability to fold the tape edges from 1 mm to 3 mm.

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Why Go Knifeless?

Benefits to People and Product in Packaging Operations



Reduce the Risk of Injury

On average, a laceration to an employee’s hand can cost upwards of $92,000* in terms of costs and lost labor. Folded Edge Technology creates a no-knife-to-open carton seal.


No Knife from Seal to Opening

Folded Edge Technology ensures both the users of your end-of-line packaging equipment and the recipient of your package stay safe by eliminating knives.

Product & Operations


25% More Strength Required to Break Tape

Doubling the thickness of the edge of tape along the length of the box increases seal strength and reduces the risk of the edges being nicked or broken.


Prevent Damage, Contamination and Theft

Enhanced seal strength by folding the edges of the tape, along with unmatched wipe-down force via the tape applicator to deliver full utilization of the tape’s adhesive, provide an added layer of security to keep contents secure from costly damage, contamination and theft.


Products Available with ShurSEAL® Folded Edge® Technology

The ShurSEAL® Solution - 7000 Series, Carton Sealing Solution

Carton sealing solution that combines tape and tape applicator technology for automated carton sealing applications.

The ShurSEAL® Solution - 8000 Series, Quick Change Sealing System

Quick change automated carton sealing solution for high-speed, high-throughput operations where there's no time for downtime.

FE-2" Folded Edge® Hand Dispenser

FE-2" hand dispenser offering Folded Edge® Technology for manual case sealing applications.

FE-3" Folded Edge® Hand Dispenser

FE-3" hand dispenser offering Folded Edge® Technology for manual case sealing applications.

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