Are Unsecure Seals Damaging Your Deliveries?

Once your box leaves your facility, it’s out of your hands… literally. Rough rides, rigorous handling — your boxes are sure to encounter the works. But not to worry. ShurSEAL® is more than just tape — it’s a complete packaging solution that keeps your carton seals intact from your facility to your customer’s doorstep.

See How ShurSEAL® Boosts Packaging Line Efficiencies

Reacting to production slow-downs and unexpected issues is all in a day’s work for distributors that operate packaging lines. But wouldn’t it be great to avoid downtime to increase the bottom line?

Tape Consumption 500x500

Reduce 10-20% of tape consumption

Good to the Core® Tape – meaning you get full use of every roll – for efficient tape consumption with no waste

Tape Consumption 500x500

Get 2.5x more adhesion

Excellent holding power to prevent flagging

Tape Consumption 500x500

Increase wipe-down pressure by 71%

Features an unmatched wipe-down force that allows for full utilization of the tape’s adhesive

Tape Consumption 500x500

Require 3x more force to open a box

Delivers an instant, permanent bond to cartons

What is ShurSEAL?

The ShurSEAL Packaging Solution is an automated packaging system that combines our high-performance Shurtape HP Series packaging tape with a tape applicator to deliver consistent and secure seals, carton after carton.

We are True to Your Work®
Shurseal Packaging Line

HP Series® Packaging Tape


Tape Applicators


Packaging Machines

“With case sealers, our customers ultimately care about one thing—getting a good seal. And when it’s working as intended, we usually don’t hear much feedback, which is a good thing. From the performance of the tape and applicators to the reassurance of the ongoing service, ShurSEAL® is head and shoulders above other programs out there.”

Dave Franklin

Director of E-commerce & Fulfillment Solutions, Associated Packaging, Associated Packaging

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