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Phoenix® M-1 Manual Gummed Tape Dispenser

Phoenix® M-1 manual gummed tape dispenser designed to feed, moisten and cut water activated tape for case sealing applications. Designed as a durable, hassle-free solution for use with tapes ranging in width from 1.5" to 3", the M-1 dispenser can dispense tape lengths up to 30" with a single pull of the handle - and longer lengths with multiple pulls - to deliver professionally sealed packages.

Features & Applications

  • Manual gummed tape dispenser
  • Smooth manual feed dispenses up to 30" in a single pull of the handle - can deliver longer lengths with multiple pulls
  • Utility top for convenient storage of markers, knives, hand stamps and more
  • Steel construction with baked enamel finish prevents corrosion
  • Specifications

    Learn more about M-1 in depth by exploring all of its features and uses. You can also visit to learn more about choosing and using tapes.

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    Backing: NA

    Adhesive: NA

    Liner: NA


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    Properties & Technical Data

    Product Nomenclature: M-1
    Property Standard Metric
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    Sizes & Colors

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    Applicable Standards

    All Phoenix® tape dispensers come with a one year parts and labor warranty.
    Shurtape® is an authorized distributor of Phoenix® gummed tape dispensers.