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At Shurtape, we have a full range of masking tapes, including colored masking tape that is approved for arts and crafts against LHAMA requirements. Shurtape general purpose masking tapes are effective and economical solutions for non-critical applications ranging from packaging, bundling and holding to splicing, masking and labeling. Masking tape, made with easy-to-rip paper and a pressure-sensitive adhesive, was first invented in the 1920s. Today, masking tape is one of the most commonly used tapes because of its many uses and how easy it is to work with. Other common uses for masking tape include autobody repair, blueprint drafting, house painting, and various other uses which arise during everyday living.

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CP 105 CP 105 General Purpose Grade, Medium-High Adhesion Masking Tape

General purpose grade, medium-high adhesion masking tape for non-critical bundling and labeling applications. CP 105 is an economical masking solution that provides excellent surface contact on a range of substrates.

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