Polyethylene/PVC Film

From masking and wrapping to marking and shielding, Shurtape polyethylene and PVC film tapes deliver uncompromising performance.

Featured Product

VP 410 VP 410

Line set tape offering UV resistance and a variety of colors.

UV-resistant SPVC line set tape, available in a variety of colors, used for general purpose floor, lane and aisle marking, color-coding and identification applications, as well as in the HVAC industry to wrap line sets, seam closed cell sponge insulation, and insulate air ducts and underground pipes. VP 410 is engineered with a non-corrosive adhesive and flexible backing; can be used in extensive temperature, moisture and humid conditions; and meets OSHA color-coding requirements.

Shurtape Preferred Products

BT 100

Non-adhesive barricade tape available in a variety of warning messages.

FLC 280

Performance grade, fineline masking tape for use in temperatures up to 280 F and when tight curves are needed.

FLS 325

Performance grade, low-stretch fineline masking tape for use in temperatures up to 325 F (for up to 45 minutes).

PE 100

FloorMate® Temporary Floor Tape for use on properly prepared and cured wood floor finishes.

PE 444

UV-resistant stucco masking tape for outdoor use.

PW 100

Corrosion-resistant PVC pipe wrap tape.

VP 415

Warning stripe tape; meets OSHA requirements for hazard markings.

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