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Duck Pro by Shurtape – Built on Trust

Introducing Duck Pro by Shurtape. A multi-faceted family of tapes to meet the needs of today’s pro. We know professionals need solutions that need to work in a fast- paced environment so we are bringing the quality and trust of the Duck brand you have known to the industrial market of the Shurtape family.

Duck Pro by Shurtape

PC 006

Economy grade, co-extruded cloth duct tape for non-critical, general use applications.

PC 009

Contractor grade co-extruded duct tape for use across a variety of applications, surfaces and weather conditions.

PC 608

Contractor grade, co-extruded poly-hanging duct tape offering high tack and exceptional performance when building containments for remediation, restoration and abatement jobs.

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PC 590
PC 460

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Duck Pro by Shurtape

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