HICKORY, N.C. (July 2015) – Most people will never know the difference between an anemometer and a multimeter. Yet for an HVAC technician, a well-stocked toolbox – loaded with tools such as these – is essential for success in the field. Mistakes in any hands-on industry can be costly, so choosing the correct tools for the job is critical to ensure it’s done right the first time.

Knowing which tools are most appropriate for the task at-hand comes from a solid education. That’s why the second assignment in the Shurtape® Mission: HVAC, Educating for Success program, which challenges three students from Athens Technical College to complete a series of HVAC-related missions, is centered on building the “perfect” toolbox.

Students Daniel Buth, Josue Trejo and Matt Morris were asked to do some research, talk with classmates and get out into the field to determine the tools they would want on every job to help them succeed.

“Shurtape wants HVAC students to graduate secure in the knowledge that they are well-equipped to fix complex problems,” said Glenn Walter, product manager for building and construction tapes. “We’ve designed the missions to give the students an opportunity to be creative, while also building valuable real-life experience they can rely upon as they start their careers.”  Buth focused on selecting the types of tools that will transform him into a master craftsmen. Trejo homed in on the best tools he could find to help him properly troubleshoot HVAC equipment. Meanwhile, Morris focused on the useful tools that he cannot live without.

For more information about the Shurtape Mission: HVAC, Educating for Success program, visit Tape University.

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