Case Sealing Chargebacks Hitting Your Bottom Line?

Packaging tape choice can have major impacts down the supply chain long after products have left the manufacturer – and choosing a packaging tape or applicator that doesn’t deliver secure […]

Packaging tape choice can have major impacts down the supply chain long after products have left the manufacturer – and choosing a packaging tape or applicator that doesn’t deliver secure seals results in added costs from damaged goods, rework, and dissatisfied customers. Now, poor carton seals are costing manufacturers in even more ways. Some major retailers have begun to take notice of poor packaging and inadequate case seals and are imposing pricey chargebacks on manufacturers whose packaging has failed to meet acceptable standards.

The supply chain that packaged goods go through after leaving the manufacturer is rigorous – cartons will often ride several miles on conveyors through distribution centers, subjecting them to heavy vibration and compression before reaching the retailers’ ship trailer and being transported to their final destination. Tape coming loose, cartons popping open, and other packaging issues negatively affect every touchpoint along distribution – and retailers are imposing high fines to push suppliers to ensure their packaging is robust enough for processing. Some of the commonly cited issues include:

  • Missed case seals
  • Poor tape adhesion
  • Flagging or failing tape
  • Broken tape

Each of these issues can lead to product loss or damage and can prevent cartons from continuing through the supply chain as intended, leading to significant costs in rework, returns, and reshipping.

Have chargebacks like these been hitting your bottom line? The Sticky Truth is – they don’t have to.

Shurtape Technologies, a leading manufacturer and marketer of pressure-sensitive tapes, developed its ShurSEAL® Packaging Solutions to address common case sealing issues, including unsecure seals, poor adhesion, and product damage. Providing the ideal combination of packaging tape and tape application technology for manual or automated packaging lines, ShurSEAL combines innovative case sealing technology with:

  1. Unmatched wipe-down force: ShurSEAL automated and manual tape applicators deliver superior wipe-down force to drive the tape’s adhesive into the substrate of the carton, allowing for maximum utilization of the adhesive.
  2. Superior Holding Power: combined with HP Series packaging tape, ShurSEAL tape applicators deliver the highest holding power to fiberboard in the industry to hold strong throughout the supply chain.
  3. Folded-Edge® Technology: an innovative feature of ShurSEAL automated and manual tape applicators that folds both edges of the packaging tape along the length of the carton as it’s applied, Folded-Edge Technology results in a reinforced tape edge that eliminates breaks from nicked edges, in addition to a case seal that can be removed by hand without the use of a knife or other sharp instrument.

“Retailers are cracking down on case sealing issues with significant chargebacks to manufacturers whose products are delivered with failed seals,” said Bradley Dunlap, Product Marketing Manager for packaging tapes at Shurtape. “These costs add up to hard hits to the bottom line for manufacturers. ShurSEAL Packaging Solutions are designed to reduce the occurrence of failed or inadequate case seals, while decreasing tape costs in the long run by delivering reinforced seals with a single strip of tape that can be opened without the use of a knife.”

Learn more about how ShurSEAL Packaging Solutions can help you reduce the risk of chargebacks and boost your bottom line at

Case sealing chargebacks hitting your bottom line

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