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SD 932

SD 932 Standard Pistol-Grip Tape Dispenser

Standard pistol-grip tape dispenser for manual carton sealing applications. SD 932 is a durable, hand-held packaging solution that is easy to load and can accommodate rolls up to 2 inches in width.

Features & Benefits

  • Standard pistol-grip tape dispenser
  • Anti-reverse bar keeps tape from rolling up onto itself
  • Easy to load
  • 2 in width maximum use
  • Recommended products: AP Series, HP Series, PP Series, FP 96, FP 97, FP 202, VF 719

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FE-2" hand dispenser offering Folded Edge® Technology for manual case sealing applications.

AP 101

General purpose grade acrylic packaging tape for closure of lightweight cartons.

HP 100

General purpose grade hot melt packaging tape for sealing lightweight cartons.

Typical Applications

    For manual carton sealing applications



  • Backing: NA
  • Adhesive: NA
  • Liner: NA

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Sizes & Colors

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