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FT 36 Filament Tape Hand Dispenser

First-of-its-kind, hand-held filament tape dispenser crafted for manual strapping tape applications, including L-Clip and C-Clip tape sealing, strapping, bundling and palletizing jobs. The patented FT 36 hand dispenser is designed with a pistol grip for comfort and ergonomics in repetitive use applications, and delivers improved wipe-down force and consistent, quick cutting – even of the strongest glass fiber filament tapes in the industry – for ease of use in a variety of industries.

Features & Applications

  • Pistol-grip filament tape dispenser
  • Patented "push to cut" action for a smooth and consistent cut, even of the strongest glass fiber filament tapes in the industry
  • Retractable/pivoting safety blade to shield users from accidental contact
  • Visible tape length indicators to provide tab length control and reduced tape consumption
  • Visible markers to offer single-strip, straight taping guidance
  • For best performance, use FT 36 with Shurtape GS Series filament tape
  • Also available in 48 mm (FT 48) and 72 mm (FT 72) models. Contact your Shurtape Sales Representative for additional details.
  • Specifications

    Learn more about FT 36 in depth by exploring all of its features and uses. You can also visit to learn more about choosing and using tapes.



    Backing: NA

    Adhesive: NA

    Liner: NA

    Properties & Technical Data

    Product Nomenclature: FT 36


    Sizes & Colors

    Colors Available: NA

    Lengths Available: NA

    Widths Available: NA

    Sizes and colors disclaimer: NA

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