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FE-2" Folded Edge® Hand Dispenser

Folded Edge® hand dispenser crafted for manual carton sealing applications, including C-Clip and L-Clip tape sealing, in a variety of industries. The Folded Edge® feature of the FE-2" hand-held packaging tape dispenser folds both edges of the tape as it is applied to create a more reliable, secure case seal that doesn't require a knife to open.

Features & Benefits

  • 2-in hand-held packaging tape dispenser
  • Patented Folded Edge® Technology reinforces seal strength and creates a ready to open case seal
  • Improved wipe-down force as tape is applied to produce tamper-evident case seals
  • Retractable/pivoting safety blade shields users from accidental contact
  • Visible tape length indicators provide tab length control and reduced tape consumption
  • Visible markers provide single-strip, straight taping guidance
  • For best performance, use Shurtape HP Series easy release packaging tapes

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FE-3" hand dispenser offering Folded Edge® Technology for manual case sealing applications.

Typical Applications

  • For manual carton sealing applications in a variety of industries
  • Can also be used for C-Clip and L-Clip tape sealing
  • Patented Folded Edge® Technology enhances tape application to deliver reliable, secure case seals
  • Folds one side when applying 48 mm tape
  • folds both sides when applying 53 mm tape
  • For best performance, use Shurtape HP Series easy release packaging tapes



  • Backing: NA
  • Adhesive: NA
  • Liner: NA

Properties & Technical Data

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Sizes & Colors

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Lengths Available: NA

Widths Available: NA

Standard Core Size: N/A

Sizes and colors disclaimer: NA

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