From Beige to Blue…
and Beyond

Sharp paint lines. Clean removal. Flexibility. Durability. Multiple surfaces. Delicate surfaces. There’s a lot that goes into picking a professional painter’s tape.

At Shurtape, we are proud to offer a comprehensive portfolio of painter’s tapes that is designed to deliver superior results, no matter the job.

Whether you demand crisp lines and clean removal or easy unwind and quick stick, we’ve engineered our painter’s tape solutions to minimize time consuming touch-ups – to make your job easy and your results professional.

Professional Tapes for
Professional Results

Get Down to basics
With Beige

For quick jobs in which tape will be up less than 3 days or in large-volume, non-critical applications where an economical tape solution is preferred.

COL 00

Premium grade, high adhesion masking tape for industrial and automotive paint applications.

CP 066

Contractor grade, high adhesion masking tape for applications that demand quick stick and conformability.

Go Big and Bold
with Blue

For applications in which tape will be protecting surfaces for up to 14 days, especially when masking areas in preparation for a larger paint job.

CP 027

Premium grade, medium adhesion 14-Day ShurRELEASE® blue painter's tape for indoor and outdoor use.

CP 130

Pro Grade, multi-surface FrogTape® brand painter's tape combining patented PaintBlock® Technology with the value of traditional blue painter's tape.

Go Above and Beyond
With Premium

For projects that demand extremely sharp paint lines without the time or money lost with touch-ups, including those that require clean removal properties beyond 14 days.

CF 120

Premium grade, multi-surface FrogTape® brand painter's tape made with patented PaintBlock® Technology.

CF 160

Premium grade, delicate surface FrogTape® brand painter's tape made with exclusive PaintBlock® Technology.