Mission HVAC: Educating for Success


You’ve seen it in your classrooms – fewer and fewer people are entering the HVAC field. As seasoned pros begin to age out of the industry, businesses are struggling to find the skilled technicians needed to meet the demands of the market.

That’s why Shurtape is celebrating its fifth year of Mission: HVAC by expanding the program to you – passionate and dedicated educators representing the trade schools that are training up the next generation of HVAC pros.

We know getting the support your program needs to recruit students and be successful can be a challenge. So, we are selecting two colleges or trade schools to participate in Mission: HVAC and earn $5,000 to put toward the tools, technology, or training needed to help prepare students for their careers.

Are your toolboxes feeling a little light? Don’t have enough tools for every student in your class to get their hands on? Let us know where you are struggling to equip your students with the tools they need to get the job done.

Has the technology in your classroom failed to transition into the 21st century? Are there programs or technological tools emerging in the industry that your students will need to know how to use when they start their careers? Tell us your pain points and what needs can be met.

Is your biggest challenge in recruiting students a lack of financial aid? Do you want to enhance your students’ competitiveness as technicians by traveling to skills competitions, trade shows, or other training opportunities? HVAC scholarship funds may be your school’s greatest need.

If your school’s program is selected, your mission is simple: tell us how the tools, technology, or training assistance you received via Mission: HVAC helped arm your students for success – and aided your program in general.

Are you ready to join the fight to close the gap? Nominate your program today!

Are you an HVAC student interested in earning $5,000 cash to help offset the cost of your education?