Mission HVAC: Educating for Success


It’s Five for Five as we kick off our celebratory fifth year of Mission: HVAC by seeking three new students who will have the chance to earn up to $5,000 each!

With many seasoned pros aging out of the industry and an insufficient number of technicians to replace them, there has been a growing concern among those in the HVAC industry over the future of skilled trades. The HVAC industry has a lot to offer: competitive salaries, hands-on work, and upward mobility that could potentially lead to owning your own business. So what’s the problem? The costs of receiving a trade education can be high, creating a setback for many would-be applicants.

That’s why Shurtape is continuing its mission to educate for success with its fifth year of Mission: HVAC. Through the program, we’ll follow three students who are pursuing careers in the HVAC field to show the world how rewarding – and fun – technical education can be!

Like their predecessors, each month our Mission: HVAC students will be assigned an HVAC-themed mission to complete and then will report their findings via blog posts on our education-focused website, TapeUniversity.com.

The reward for their hard work and completion of all 10 missions? $5,000 cash to help offset the cost of their education.

Here’s what Gustavo Nunez, one of the students from the 2017 Mission: HVAC program had to say:
“I can’t deny the fact that every mission given to me was executed by me with great learning excitement that allowed me to better understand the mission at hand. Taking part in this research with Shurtape Technologies was an honor and an amazing experience, where some of the most amazing and helpful info was shared with me by such great HVAC technicians. If given the opportunity to participate again, I would say ‘yes’ every time!”

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Are you an HVAC educator interested in earning $5,000 to help prepare your students for their careers?