Steel Pipe Coating

Every aspect of the steel pipe coating process is critical – from pre-heat to coating to masking pipe ends. Even something as seemingly simple as tape plays a vital role. That’s why Shurtape's tape solutions are built to take the heat.

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CP 901 CP 901 High Performance Grade, High Temperature, High Adhesion Masking Tape

High performance grade, excellent adhesion masking tape for high temperature paint masking applications in the transportation industry, and can also be used in the oil and natural gas industry for steel pipe masking to protect pipe ends as anti-corrosion power coating is applied. Designed with a heavy duty fine structured crepe paper backing that resists tearing and slivering, CP 901 can withstand high temperatures up to 350 F (and up to 475 F for short durations) through multiple bake cycles and removes cleanly without leaving behind a residue when the task is complete.

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