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Introducing CP 130/FrogTape®
A painter’s tape for the PRO

Frog Tape Pro 1

For those who demand premium paint line performance priced for the pro, CP 130/FrogTape® Pro Grade painter’s tape delivers. A multi-surface tape solution designed for masking cured painted walls and trim, glass and metal, CP 130/FrogTape Pro Grade painter’s tape combines the value of a traditional blue painter’s tape with exclusive PaintBlock® Technology, which forms a micro-barrier to seal the edges of the tape to prevent paint bleed and deliver the sharp paint line performance you expect from FrogTape.

Featuring a premium adhesive, UV resistance and 14-day clean removal from most surfaces, CP 130/FrogTape Pro Grade painter’s tape is the only blue tape good enough to be called FrogTape.

Frog Tape Pro 2
Frog Tape Pro 3
Frog Tape Pro 4

No matter the job, FrogTape delivers professional performance you can be proud of

Frog Tape Pro 1

When crisp, clean lines on your next painting project are a must, trust the FrogTape® family of painter’s tapes. Available in Delicate Surface, Multi-Surface, and new Pro Grade formulations, FrogTape painter’s tapes are engineered to unwind easily, stick quickly and remove cleanly.

Delicate Surface

CF 160

Premium grade, delicate surface FrogTape® brand painter's tape made with exclusive PaintBlock® Technology.


CF 120

Premium grade, multi-surface FrogTape® brand painter's tape made with patented PaintBlock® Technology.

Pro Grade

CP 130

Pro Grade, multi-surface FrogTape® brand painter's tape combining patented PaintBlock® Technology with the value of traditional blue painter's tape.