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Introducing FF 100 Film Tape: An All-Weather Solution Designed for Reflective Insulation


Getting tape to bond permanently to reflective insulation can be difficult. This insulation is often in an unconditioned space and faces numerous thermal cycles that can lead to tape failure. That’s why Shurtape is introducing FF 100 film tape for reflective insulation, a solution that can withstand your jobsite conditions and provide full system closure for the life of the system – time and time again.

Introducing FF 100 Film Tape 1

FF 100 Film Tape

  • Highly Conformable: Flexible film backing adheres well to uneven surfaces to create an airtight, permanent seal
  • Code Compliant: UL 181B-FX printing makes it easy for inspectors to see the work abides by the code.
  • Consistent Performance: Aggressive adhesive forms a permanent bond in all types of weather conditions (14 to 210 F) and withstands numerous thermal cycles
Introducing FF 100 Film Tape 2