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Introducing a new family of Electrical Tapes

Easy Handling, Superior Stretch, Durable, All-Weather Performance
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For performance down to the wire, trust new Shurtape EV and LR Series Electrical Tapes

Shurtape Technologies, LLC, a leading manufacturer and marketer of pressure-sensitive tapes, has expanded its product portfolio to include a new offering of premium performance Shurtape® brand electrical tapes.

New EV and LR Series electrical tapes are each engineered to meet the market’s demands for quality and performance in a range of electrical and mechanical applications. Shurtape’s new portfolio of electrical tapes also provides a high-quality, comparable alternative to existing product offerings available in the electrical market.

Tapes for the electrical industry

EV 077B


EV 77 BLK Professional Grade, UL Listed, Black Electrical Tape

Professional grade, 7.0 mil, all-weather vinyl insulating tape used for electrical and mechanical protection in temperatures ranging from 0 F to 220 F. UL Listed and CSA Approved, EV 77B black electrical tape is lead free, flame retardant, and is engineered with a polymeric backing construction, as well as a specialized method of bonding the adhesive to the vinyl backing, which allows the tape to be highly conformable and deliver a moisture-tight seal, even in extreme temperatures.
EV 057C

EV 057C & EV 057B

7.0 mil, general purpose grade, UL Listed electrical tape available in a selection of colors.

EV 077C

EV 077C

7.0 mil, professional grade, UL Listed colored electrical tape for color-coding and phasing applications.

EV 097B

EV 097B

8.5 mil, premium grade, UL Listed black electrical tape for insulating and splicing applications.

LR 117B

LR 117B

30 mil linerless, high voltage rubber tape for insulating splices up to 69,000 V.

True To Your Work

At Shurtape, we make relentlessly reliable tape for those with the highest, most exacting standards. We make tape for the professional, the craftsman. From painting and packaging to hvac and transportation, we make tape for virtually every industry. Because we believe the only job worth doing is a job well done.

Interested in using Shurtape’s line of electrical tapes for your next project?

Shurtape electrical tapes can be purchased through your preferred tape distributor.
If you’d like to learn more about Shurtape, our customer service team is here to help!