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Check out how Hungryroot improved their bottom line in their Direct Fulfillment Centers.


“More than anything else, the change to ShurSEAL was the right thing to do from a customer perspective — having customers receive boxes with tape coming off is not the experience we want to provide. We’re grateful to have reliable tapes for our deliveries and an expert on call.”

Laura Kershaw, Packaging Engineer

Hungryroot Boxes On Packaging Line

An SSCI Evaluation Can Save You 10% to 20% in Tape Consumption

Interested in learning how an SSCI (Single Shift Continuous Improvement) can show you the impact and potential cost-savings ShurSEAL Packaging Solutions can provide?

What is aN SSCI Evaluation?

An SSCI (Single Shift Continuous Improvement) is an evaluation performed by our experts that generates a simple, data-based comparison of your “current state” case packing/sealing/palletizing operation to that same operation with ShurSEAL installed.

Our Step-by-Step Process

4 Hours of Your Current State

We monitor your current operation


4 Hours with ShurSEAL

We monitor your operation with the ShurSEAL Solution equipment installed

Data Captured Using Our ShurFlo Technology

We review the tape usage/waste, tape application defects, machine downtime & manual labor


SSCI Report Produced

The report shows the comparison of 4 hour shifts with the impact ShurSEAL can have to your bottom line

Get a FREE SSCI Sample Report (eCommerce Retailer)

The SSCI report includes case issues, observations & financial cost savings of an existing case seal operations vs. the ShurSEAL Solution.

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Interested in seeing how the ShurSEAL Solution can positively impact your Direct Fulfillment Center?