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What is an SSCI Evaluation?
An SSCI (Single Shift Continuous Improvement) Evaluation is a process that generates a simple, data-based comparison of your “current state” case packing/sealing/palletizing operation to that same operation with ShurSEAL installed.
An SSCI is typically conducted over an 8-hour shift

4 Hours of Your Current State

We monitor your existing packaging line with your equipment.

4 Hours with ShurSEAL

We monitor your packaging line with the ShurSEAL Solution equipment installed.

Data Captured Using Our ShurFlo Technology

We monitor tape usage/waste, tape application defects, machine downtime and manual labor.

SSCI Report Produced

The SSCI report shows the comparison of 4 hour shifts with the impact to your bottom line and how the ShurSEAL Solution can change your packaging line.