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“We ultimately measure how our packaging solutions are working through customer feedback. With case sealers, our customers ultimately care about one thing—getting a good seal. And when it’s working as intended, we usually don’t hear much feedback, which is a good thing. From the performance of the tape and applicators to the reassurance of the ongoing service, ShurSEAL is head and shoulders above other programs are out there.”



Learn how Hungry Root utilizes the ShurSEAL Solution for their Direct Fulfillment


ShurSEAL® is more than just tape — it’s a complete packaging solution that keeps your carton seals intact every step of the way. From the warehouse to the truck to the sorting facility, The ShurSEAL Solution stands up to the demanding conditions that would compromise most ordinary tapes.

Here’s why— The ShurSEAL Solution is equipped with patented wipe-down technology that drives the adhesive deeper into the corrugated fibers and ensures that the full profile of the tape, including the middle, is wiped-down the seam of the carton closure. This creates a stronger, more uniform bond that delivers 2.5x more adhesion than other systems. And, it takes 3x more force to open a box sealed with ShurSEAL.

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Interested in having Shurtape perform a SSCI (Single Shift Continuous Improvement) Study?

What is an SSCI Evaluation?
An SSCI (Single Shift Continuous Improvement) Evaluation is a process that generates a simple, data-based comparison of your “current state” case packing/sealing/palletizing operation to that same operation with ShurSEAL installed.
An SSCI is typically conducted over an 8-hour shift

4 Hours of Your Current State

We monitor your existing packaging line with your equipment.

4 Hours with ShurSEAL

We monitor your packaging line with the ShurSEAL Solution equipment installed.

Data Captured Using Our ShurFlo Technology

We monitor tape usage/waste, tape application defects, machine downtime and manual labor.

SSCI Report Produced

The SSCI report shows the comparison of 4 hour shifts with the impact to your bottom line and how the ShurSEAL Solution can change your packaging line.


Download a sample report of an SSCI to see the typical impact the ShurSEAL Solution has on Direct Fulfillment Centers?

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