BR Code™ Use Cases

What are some of the most common ways to use BR Code Scannable Solutions on the job? The list goes on and on. But, here are some popular use cases:

Tool accountability

Tool Accountability

Automate who takes a tool, where they are going and when they’ll be back. Just tag materials with BR Code tapes and labels to pinpoint the materials on a map, update their status and more.

Material tracking

Material Tracking

Keep track of deliveries to the jobsite by sticking a code to each delivery. With BitRip’s GPS feature, users can view where the materials were scanned in and a photo of the condition of the materials when they were dropped off.

Maintenance records

Maintenance Records

Tag equipment with a label containing everything the team needs to know about it – components, prior maintenance, current instructions and more. All of this information is shown on a map and available in your BitRip app.

Scanning Br Code On A Fire Extinguisher

Equipment Inspections

Tag safety equipment and heavy machinery with BR Code tapes or labels. Users can fill in forms built out on the BitRip app to perform daily and monthly safety inspections. Then, use BitRip’s reminder feature so reminders can be set for the next inspection.

Safety records being scanned

Safety Records

Build a simple system to keep personal safety data behind a private label. For example, place a code on a hardhat. Scan the hardhat and immediately see a roster showing which team members have completed required trainings, their certification documents or other personnel data.

Digital media being added

Digital Media on Paperwork

Paper materials will probably always be around, but enhance them with voice memos and photos to provide additional context to each situation.

Contractor scanning BR code for a punchiest

Punch Lists

Tag items requiring maintenance work with an easy-to-see code. Then leave a voice memo about the issue, allowing maintenance workers to scan the tape, listen to the issue and fix it.

Training with BR Code


Add video links or digital checklists to show new recruits how to properly use equipment and put it away once complete.