CP 27

14-Day ShurRELEASE® Blue Painter's Tape

When it comes to painting, you don’t have time for touch-ups.

A multiple surface painter’s tape, CP 27 is designed for masking cured painted walls, trim, woodwork, glass and metal to help protect surfaces and prevent paint bleed. This medium adhesion painter’s tape offers increased tack, allowing it to stick and stay affixed to surfaces. With no lifting or flagging, seepage is prevented, leaving behind sharper, cleaner paint lines.

For use indoors and out, CP 27 removes cleanly and easily for up to 14 days.

Blue Painter’s Tapes

CP 027


CP 27® 14-Day ShurRELEASE® Blue Painter's Tape - Multi-Surface

Premium grade, medium adhesion blue painter's tape for interior and exterior masking of multiple surfaces, such as painted walls, glass, vinyl, metal and wood, when easy, no-residue removal is a must. CP 27® is designed with a synthetic rubber-based adhesive that prevents lifting and paint seepage, while allowing it to remove cleanly from surfaces without damage for up to 14 days to deliver superior results.

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