The Sticky Truth About Packaging: Are You In The Know?

The end-of-line is broken…it’s time to fix the problem
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Let’s face it: the end-of-line is broken. Manufacturers contend with problems on their packaging lines that are negatively impacting their operational efficiencies. But, these problems are so commonplace, they are often overlooked and planned for when budgeting downtime, waste and more. It’s time to fix the problem.

Sticky Truth #1: Downtime is slowing you down.
Whether from maintenance of a faulty unit or a slow tape roll changeover, manufacturers lose countless hours in downtime. No matter the cause, downtime stops lines and leads to a decrease in overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

Sticky Truth #2: Loose case seals could be putting your profits at risk.
Often caused by improper application of the tape to the carton, unsecure case seals can open in transit or storage, increasing the chances of your product being exposed to damage, contamination and theft.

Sticky Truth #3: You’re throwing money in the trash.
Material waste, attributed to inefficient, over-gauged tape selection and usage, as well as the inability to fully use each and every roll of packaging tape, often results in higher overall costs.

Sticky Truth #4: Knives could be cutting into your reputation and safety standard. 
Sharp blades and knives can increase the risk of product damage and personal injury. This results in shipments being refused at delivery, costly returns and damage to your reputation, not to mention the injury and lost labor costs associated with knife cuts for your customer.

“What you don’t know could be costing you – in terms of lost time, profits and more,” said Bill DeWitt, market manager – packaging for Shurtape. “If packaging problems like downtime, material waste, unsecure seals or knife cuts are your reality, we can help you fix the problem.”

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