Students Get Packaged For Success

Three packaging students to earn hands-on experience and $5,000 in Shurtape Mission: Packaging program
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Students Get Packaged For Success 1For students studying in the packaging field, the combination of classroom instruction, hands-on experience, and networking with industry pros can provide a glimpse of the future as they prepare themselves for their chosen career paths. Shurtape Technologies, LLC, a leading producer of pressure-sensitive tapes, is hoping to round out that experience – and get students packaged for a successful start – with its Mission: Packaging, Educating for Success program.

Through the Mission: Packaging program, Shurtape will follow three students – selected via an application process that garnered candidates from packaging programs nationwide – as they pursue degrees in the packaging field. Each month, these students will be challenged with themed missions that are designed to help them build upon their educational foundation. They’ll be required to explore real-world issues, problems, trends and strategies related to packaging and participate in conversations with industry experts – all in an effort to broaden their horizons beyond the classroom and help them understand the varying aspects of industrial packaging.

As they complete each mission, they’ll report their findings via blog posts on And, they’ll be rewarded for their participation by earning a total of $5,000 to put toward their educational expenses and help prepare them for future employment.

Meet the Students

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Eric Lausch: Packaging/Biosystems Engineering student at Michigan State University. Eric chose the packaging field thanks to a close friend, who introduced him to the School of Packaging, which prompted Eric to consider packaging as a career path. He developed a passion for the field after participating in undergraduate research where he investigated new films for use as active packaging compounds to improve the shelf life of vegetables.

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Anna Lorette
: Packaging Science student at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Anna firmly believes you should “love what you do and do what you love” and views packaging as a very diverse field that has the capability to house many different personalities and stories, which is why she chose this as her career path.

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Garrett Peterson
: Packaging student at the University of Wisconsin – Stout. Garrett chose packaging from the many engineering majors available at his school. He wanted a future that offered uniqueness, entertainment, demand and creativity, and looks forward to producing innovative, sustainable packaging that pops off the shelves and makes consumers say, “Wow, isn’t this package awesome!”

“The packaging world is expansive, with a constant influx of new innovations, technologies and creativity. While the classroom offers students the ability to lay the groundwork for a successful start to a packaging career, there’s no substitute for the real-life experience gained through participation in opportunities like co-ops, industry organizations and networking events,” said Bradley Dunlap, product manager for packaging tapes at Shurtape. “The Mission: Packaging program is another great way for students to explore the realm of industrial packaging outside of the taught curriculum. Plus get the added benefits of building a professional network, setting themselves apart from the crowd and earning a little bit of cash to help offset the cost of their education.”