Shurtape® Gaffer’s Tape Hits the Stage with Frank Hannon

TESLA's lead guitarist provides "living proof" he uses Shurtape
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Frank Hannon, lead guitarist for the multi-platinum rock band TESLA and guitarist for his namesake band Frank Hannon Band, said it simply: “this stuff rocks.” But, he wasn’t referring to his music; it was his brand of choice for gaffer’s tape: Shurtape®.

From taping down wires on stage to securing his drum machine to the studio console, Hannon seems to have countless uses for this gaffer’s tape. “You just never know what you’re going to use it for,” said Hannon in a video recorded at his RedHawk Records Studio.

Suited for audio/visual, television, photography, theatrical and motion picture applications, Shurtape gaffer’s tape (P-628) is a high-tack tape that removes easily without leaving behind a residue. “It peels up nice and it doesn’t leave a bunch of gluey, sticky stuff everywhere,” said Hannon. Beyond the stage and studio, it’s also handy for bundling wires, taping down lighting and props, and masking silk-screen frames – especially as its matte finish resists glare from the lights on stage.

A versatile, highly conformable tape for quick and easy set-up, Shurtape gaffer’s tape is available in a variety of “cool” colors, including black, white, red, yellow and blue, as well as one of Hannon’s “personal favorites,” glow-in-the-dark.

Check out Hannon’s video that explains why he uses Shurtape on YouTube®.