Seal Up Food Safety Concerns with The ShurSEAL® Solution

Unmatched wipe-down force, Folded-Edge Technology among benefits for the food and beverage industry
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From produce to dairy and beyond, companies adhere to strict food safety guidelines to ensure the cleanliness and safety of their products. Among the countless measures taken to protect products from damage and contamination is ensuring a secure seal at the end of the line. Cartons opening in storage or transit can increase the risk of damage and contamination, resulting in customer complaints and products being refused at delivery. The ShurSEAL® Solution is a carton sealing system that’s engineered to deliver secure seals, carton after carton.

The ShurSEAL Solution combines Shurtape® HP Series packaging tape with a PrimeLoc™ tape applicator*, each bringing a series of benefits for manufacturers in the food and beverage industry, including:

HP Series Packaging Tape

  • Creates an immediate, permanent bond with cartons
  • Performs reliably to the core for efficient tape consumption with less waste
  • Available in cold-temperature formulations for harsh, cold conditions, such as frozen foods, meat and poultry processing, dairy facilities, and unheated warehouses and storage facilities in cold weather climates

PrimeLoc Tape Applicator

  • Delivers unmatched wipe-down force, which allows for full utilization of the tape’s adhesive
  • Results in tamper-evident seals – visual fiber tear provides evidence the tape has been removed or tampered with for added security
  • Offers Folded-Edge® Technology, which reinforces strength and creates a ready-to-open seal that doesn’t require a knife

An added benefit is The ShurSEAL Solution’s ability to easily retrofit to a variety of automated machines, including most major brands of case erectors, packers and sealers – essentially revitalizing carton sealing equipment without expensive capital investments.

“Food safety is a critical concern throughout the supply chains of food and beverage manufacturers and suppliers. From state-of-the-art facilities to end-of-line detecting equipment, every precaution is taken to ensure adherence to strict food safety guidelines,” said Bill DeWitt, market manager for packaging at Shurtape. “The ShurSEAL Solution is another weapon in that arsenal of defense. You may not be able to control everything that happens to your cartons once they leave your facility, but you can take preventative measures to ensure your carton seals maintain their hold.”

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