Reflect Your Commitment to Safety

Help reduce preventable injury in the workplace with Shurtape safety and marking tapes

According to the National Safety Council*, a worker is injured on the job every 7 seconds – adding up to 4,500,000 preventable workplace injuries a year! Among the top 5 industries with the largest number of workplace injuries are manufacturing and construction. In these and other industries, high visibility of dangerous areas and hazardous materials on the jobsite is a major priority. That’s why Shurtape Technologies, a leading manufacturer of pressure-sensitive tapes, offers a variety of safety, marking and caution tapes that deliver long-lasting performance in color-coding and hazard marking applications.

The product portfolio includes:

  • FM 200: Non-adhesive flagging tapes for temporary color-coding, tagging and marking applications, including marking hazards, pipes and cables, trails and more.
  • VP 410: UV-resistant SPVC line set tape for general purpose floor, lane, and aisle marking, color-coding and identifying applications. Available in a variety of colors, VP 410 meets OSHA color-coding requirements.
  • VP 415: SPVC film warning stripe tape for lane marking and identification of safety zones and hazard areas. VP 415 is constructed with a flexible backing that is resistant to abrasion, UV light, acid, alkalides, oils, moisture, humidity and corrosion, and meets OSHA requirements for hazard marking.
  • BT 100: Non-adhesive barricade tape for marking restricted areas and managing access to work sites by professionals in the safety, construction, utilities, hardware and other industries.

“In fast-paced industrial and construction environments, safety and marking tapes play a critical role in communicating key information to reduce the chance of injury on the job,” said Lisa Zierfuss, Product Manager for Building and Construction tapes at Shurtape. “Whether informing employees of safe walking paths through a busy manufacturing plant or flagging the location of buried electrical cables or gas lines on a construction site, tape is used by professionals in a variety of industries to keep safety top of mind.”

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