Prep for One-, Two- or Three-Step Stucco Processes with Shurtape® Stucco Tapes

Tapes are easy to apply and remove cleanly once the job is complete
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Stucco work is demanding and requires tapes designed specifically to stand up to the harsh scraping of a trowel. To meet the rigid requirements of stucco applications, Shurtape®, a leading manufacturer of pressure-sensitive tapes, offers a comprehensive line of stucco tapes for the stucco contractor.

Whether you’re using a one-, two- or three-step process, Shurtape stucco tapes:

  • Provide secure, watertight seals, no matter the surface you’re masking
  • Are conformable to a variety of surfaces, such as vinyl trim work, doors, windows, garage doors and more
  • Feature a red backing, making them highly visible
  • Are easy to unwind and tear
  • Release easily and cleanly
  • Are durable to hold up to the abrasion of heavy troweling

“Thorough preparation is a requirement of stucco jobs,” said Glenn Walter, product manager for building and construction tapes. “Having the right tools is essential, including tapes that are engineered specifically for stucco work. Shurtape stucco tapes, like PC 622 duct tape and PE 444 polyethylene film tape, are durable to stand up to the harsh scraping of a trowel, yet remove cleanly and easily once the work is done.”