New ShurSEAL® Tape Applicators from Shurtape® Engineered for Better Performance, Efficiency

Retrofit tape heads offer soft touch, high speed – all in one tape head

HICKORY, N.C. (October 2012) – You know the value of uptime – and you demand packaging equipment that will help you achieve more efficiencies on the line, as well as produce a reliable, secure seal. Shurtape®, with its commitment to exacting standards, announces The ShurSEAL® Solution, a carton sealing system that is engineered with innovative design features for better performance and can be retrofitted to a variety of popular case-erecting and sealing systems.

The ShurSEAL Solution combines Shurtape’s HP Series packaging tape with a PrimeLoc™ tape applicator, which is optimized for high-speed automated case sealing and provides a consistent seal, carton after carton. The design offers a variety of unique and efficient features, including:

  • Unmatched wipe-down force: multiple flexible wipe-down points allow for full utilization of the tape’s adhesive to form a secure seal, even on under-filled cartons. This also provides increased fiber tear when the tape is removed, offering tamper evident security.
  • Edge folding option: Folded-Edge Technology™ creates a secure, easy-to-open seal that doesn’t require a knife. The folded-edge runs the entire length of the carton as the tape is applied. Folding the edges increase the thickness of the tape at its most vulnerable failure point – where the tape folds over the edge of the carton. This feature is especially handy for retail packaged products and high-value merchandise where you don’t want to damage package contents when opening the carton with a sharp blade.
  • High speed: The ShurSEAL Solution reacts quickly to cartons to create a secure seal and helps to improve production throughput.
  • Other features include a dual-axis locking mandrel, front and rear tab length adjustment and a self-cleaning safety blade.

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