New FloorMate® Temporary Flooring Tape from Shurtape® Engineered for Water-Based Finishes

Low adhesion tape removes cleanly, easily without damaging the finish on properly prepared floors

According to a survey by the National Wood Flooring Association, more than 45 percent of flooring contractors use water-based wood floor finishes*, and this continues to increase. So choosing the right products to use with these finishes to prevent surface damage is important – especially when it comes to tape. Shurtape®, with its commitment to exacting standards, introduces new FloorMate® temporary floor tape, a low-adhesion tape engineered to perform with water-based finishes on wood floors.

For many contractors, applying any tape on a wood floor is a nerve-wracking experience – with the constant worry of whether or not the tape will damage the finish or leave behind a residue when removed. However, some applications require taping for safety, such as securing protective floor coverings like kraft, rosin paper and drop cloths on a newly finished wood floor.

FloorMate is a durable, low-adhesion tape recommended for temporary use on water-based coated and cured wood floors, but can also be used on other hard flooring surfaces, including sheet vinyl, wood laminates, engineered hardwood, tile, marble and granite. It removes cleanly without damaging the finish on properly prepared floors, will not tear or splinter, and leaves no residue for up to 30 days.

Ideal for new construction and remodeling projects in both residential and commercial settings, FloorMate conforms well to a variety of surfaces and can create smooth, curved lines. It also works well for paint masking.