Mission: HVAC Students Continue Their Education Journey

Daniel, Josue and Matt complete challenges focused on building their brand, keeping safe on the job and achieving full system closure
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Mission: HVAC Students Continue Their Education Journey 1 The journey for Mission: HVAC students Daniel Buth, Josue Trejo and Matt Morris continues.

Through the Mission: HVAC program, which is following three students from Athens Technical College in Athens, Ga., as they pursue careers in the HVAC field, the students have been busy completing various themed challenges. With each challenge, they learn valuable lessons and skills that will help them as they start their careers.

In Mission Three, Daniel, Josue and Matt learned about building – and protecting – their brand and reputation. Daniel learned how being honest, trustworthy and reliable can make your business grow exponentially. Josue’s mentor shared a valuable lesson regarding how practicing punctuality and being considerate of customers has served him well. And, Matt chose to talk to his current boss about the importance of maintaining integrity in everything he does.

Safety was the topic of Mission Four, with Daniel, Josue and Matt learning some critical tips to stay safe and the consequences of bending the rules. Daniel’s interview focused on simple safety tips to ensure the project gets done, Josue learned valuable safety procedures related to chemicals, electricity and extreme temperatures, and Matt received some ideas for preventing accidents. They may seem like common sense…but one simple mistake can be costly.

Finally, at the halfway point of their 10-mission journey, the students tackled the quest for full system closure. For the Mission Five challenge, Daniel, Josue and Matt looked at the importance of delivering an airtight system with no leaks.

“We want these students to learn sound business practices from experienced workers and entrepreneurs, so they too can succeed,” said Glenn Walter, product manager for building and construction tapes. “We’ve designed the missions to offer valuable real-life experiences, so they can get a head start in knowing what will be expected of them going forward.”

For more information about the Shurtape Mission: HVAC, Educating for Success program, visit Tape UniversityTM.