Learn How to Optimize Your Case Sealing Operations by Visiting Shurtape at the 2020 Pack Expo Connects

With the right tape and tape application technology, Shurtape helps you navigate the rise in eCommerce and more
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HICKORY, N.C. (October 2020) – True to your packaging line. True to Your Work®. That’s the focus at Shurtape Technologies, LLC, an industry-leading manufacturer and marketer of pressure-sensitive tapes. For the 18th year, Shurtape will be exhibiting at Pack Expo, the largest event in the packaging industry – albeit this year virtually via Pack Expo Connects. Shurtape looks forward to connecting online and “in-person” with show attendees to help them find the right packaging solutions for the way they do business.

Although a little different in this year’s show delivery, Shurtape’s packaging team is continuing its focus on helping customers optimize their case sealing operations. See below for four ways Shurtape can help, especially as manufacturers continue to navigate the increase in eCommerce demands.

Understand the Right Packaging Tape for Your Case Sealing Needs

Shurtape knows every case sealing situation is unique. And that the right combination of packaging tape and tape application technology can support case sealing (and eCommerce) initiatives – and keep lines running at peak production. That’s why Shurtape offers a variety of Hot Melt, Acrylic, Water-Activated and Strapping packaging tapes to fit your needs.

Discover the Benefits of ShurSEAL® Automated Packaging Solutions

Unsecure seals can cause problems along the supply chain, resulting in production issues, downtime and higher costs due to reworks, in addition to increasing the risk of product damage, contamination and theft caused by cartons popping open. The ShurSEAL® Solution is designed to deliver quality, secure seals, while also maximizing packaging line efficiencies to keep them running longer and faster.

In addition to delivering secure seals, every time, the ShurSEAL Solution features Folded Edge® Technology, a feature that increases the reliability of the tape application and eliminates the risk of personal injury and product damage due to knife cuts downstream.

Learn The Sticky Truth About Packaging

Problems often exist in packaging lines that you might not be aware of. The Sticky Truth is your guide to help identify – and solve – potential case sealing issues that can negatively affect operational efficiencies. Shurtape is offering a free Continuous Improvement Evaluation to help you uncover 15-20% of hidden cost savings in your end-of-line case packing, sealing and palletizing operations, by comparing your existing case sealing operation to that same operation leveraging Shurtape’s ShurSEAL Automated Packaging Solution.

Chat 1:1 With A Shurtape Case Sealing Expert

For this year’s event, attendees can chat live with Bill DeWitt, Packaging Channel Manager at Shurtape Technologies, LLC, during dedicated exhibit hours, enabling them to ask technical questions and receive guidance to make the best case sealing decisions for their business.

Learn more about Shurtape’s portfolio of packaging tapes and ShurSEAL Solution by joining Shurtape Technologies, LLC, at the 2020 Pack Expo Connects on November 11 – 13, 2020. For more information about registering for Pack Expo Connects, please visit the website.