An All-Weather Solution Designed Specifically for Reflective Insulation

Shurtape expands building and construction tape portfolio with FF 100 film tape.
Shurtape FF 100 Film Tape Application 1-web

Whether striving to achieve full system closure on an HVAC system or maintain the integrity of the building envelope, proper insulation is critical. For those contractors who install reflective insulation to help lower heating and cooling costs, tape is a critical component to the process. But sometimes, getting tape to bond permanently to reflective insulation can be difficult. Especially as this insulation is often located in an unconditioned space and faces numerous thermal cycles that can ultimately lead to tape failure. That’s why Shurtape, a leading producer of pressure-sensitive tapes, is expanding its tape portfolio for the building and construction industry with the introduction of FF 100 film tape.

FF 100 is engineered specifically for sealing and seaming reflective insulation:

  • Highly Conformable: Flexible film backing adheres well to uneven surfaces to create an airtight, permanent seal.
  • Hand-Tearable: Easy to handle to ensure the job is done quickly.
  • Code Compliant: UL 181B-FX printing makes it easy for inspectors to see the work abides by the code.
  • Consistent Performance: Aggressive adhesive forms a permanent bond in all types of weather conditions (-10 F to 210 F) and withstands numerous thermal cycles.

“We understand the ultimate goal of every HVAC job is full system closure – to create a permanent and airtight seal that is free of leaks that could decrease the efficiency of the system. Unfortunately, the conditions where reflective insulation is often used may lead to tape failure, resulting in costly call-backs, customer complaints and frustration for contractors,” said Glenn Walter, product marketing manager for building and construction tapes at Shurtape. “FF 100 is designed to address these concerns. With an aggressive, all-weather adhesive and flexible film backing, this new tape is built to withstand thermal cycles, stick to the bumpy surface of reflective insulation, and seal this insulation for the life of the system. And, because FF 100 was designed specifically for reflective insulation, it works just as well when the insulation is installed as a radiant barrier inside an attic, crawlspace, side wall or other area inside a home or building.”

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