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Pump Up Packaging Lines with The ShurSEAL® Solution

The pressure is on for secure seals

HICKORY, N.C. (September 2014) – Cartons will encounter a variety of external stress forces throughout the distribution system – each taking their toll not only on the carton, but also the carton seal. Unsecure seals, often caused by insufficient adhesion of the tape to the carton, increase the risk of product damage, contamination, returns and theft. But, with the right combination of packaging tape and tape applicator, secure seals – and packaging line efficiencies – are within reach.

After three years of research, Shurtape® found the "perfect" pairing with The ShurSEAL® Solution, a carton sealing system that combines Shurtape HP Series packaging tape with a PrimeLoc™ tape applicator*. The HP Series packaging tape creates an instant, permanent bond with cartons and offers the highest holding power to fiberboard in the industry, while the PrimeLoc tape applicator offers unmatched wipe-down force for better, tamper-evident carton seals. Together, they provide consistent and highly secure seals, resulting in:

  • More secure seals to prevent damage, contamination and returns
  • Better security via visible fiber tear to deter tampering and theft
  • Improved production throughput with less reworks due to poor carton seals

The key is how the tape applicator wipes down the tape. Because most packaging tapes are pressure sensitive, they require some type of pressure or force to create a bond to the carton, allowing the tape’s adhesive to entangle deep within the fibers of the carton. This is often done via two rollers, positioned at the front and rear of the tape applicator; however, this is not always sufficient, especially when sealing under-filled cartons.

The PrimeLoc tape applicator available with The ShurSEAL Solution is designed with multiple, flexible wipe-down points, which allow for full utilization of the tape’s adhesive, even on under-filled cartons, to create a better carton seal. And, one that offers visual evidence – via fiber tear – that the tape has been removed or tampered with.

“Many organizations face packaging issues along the supply chain, which may carry serious and expensive ramifications. Poor carton seals can lead to production downtime and reworks with more time and money spent on labor and materials, not to mention the costs associated with product damage, contamination, returns and theft from cartons ‘popping’ open,” said Bill DeWitt, market manager for packaging at Shurtape. “But, with The ShurSEAL Solution, you can be confident your packaging lines will run at peak performance and your carton seals will stay safe and secure from your facility to their final destination.”

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