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Packaging Students to Expand Packaging Knowledge, Earn Cash in Mission: Packaging Program

Shurtape selects three students to participate in second annual education-focused program

HICKORY, N.C. (January 2017) – Numerous students answered the call to get packaged for success – but only three could be selected to participate in Shurtape’s second annual Mission: Packaging program.

Through the Mission: Packaging program, Shurtape, a leading producer of pressure-sensitive tapes, will follow three students as they pursue degrees in the packaging field. Each month, these students will be challenged with themed missions that are designed to help them build upon their educational foundation. They’ll be required to explore real-world issues, problems, trends and strategies related to packaging and participate in conversations with industry experts – all in an effort to broaden their horizons beyond the classroom and help them understand the varying aspects of industrial packaging.

As they complete each mission, they’ll report their findings on, Shurtape’s tape education-focused website. And, each student will be rewarded for their participation – and completion of all 10 challenges – by earning $5,000 to put toward their educational expenses and help prepare them for future employment.

Meet the Students
Caroline Krueger Caroline Krueger
College: University of Florida, Gainesville, Fla. 
Major: Packaging/Biological Engineering
Anticipated graduation: December 2018
Why did she choose packaging? Caroline wants to work in the packaging field because it is an industry that is evolving and relevant to multiple other fields, like food/beverage, medical, pharmaceutical, electronics, and more. It’s a blend of creative problem solving, design and mechanical and process engineering to create solutions that can directly impact the lives of others.
Kari Kelsey Karie Kelsey
 Indiana State University, Terre Haute, Ind.
Major: Packaging Engineering Technology
Anticipated graduation: December 2017
Why did she choose packaging? For Kari, packaging is fascinating. So much so that she’s found herself purchasing products just for the innovative design that is put into the packaging.
Tristen Wallace Tristen Wallace
 Rutgers University, New Brunswick, N.J.
Major: Packaging Engineering
Anticipated graduation: 2019
Why did he choose packaging? As someone equally interested in technical design, creative design, and marketing, it was a challenge for Tristen to find a major in which he could apply all three. He knew he would major in engineering at Rutgers, but it wasn’t until recent that Tristen discovered the Packaging program and realized that it was a perfect fit.

“Mission: Packaging is an opportunity for students to take a deeper dive into the packaging field, beyond what they are learning in the classroom and through participation in co-ops, networking events and industry organizations,” said Bradley Dunlap, product manager – packaging for Shurtape. “With the constant influx of new innovations, technologies and creativity in the packaging world, we’ve got some great challenges planned for our 2017 students. Not only will they get to explore industrial packaging, but they’ll also have the ability to build a professional network and earn some cash to help offset the cost of their education.”

Students will be issued 10 missions throughout 2017 – follow their journeys at


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