PS 748

PS 748

2.8 mil utility grade
Tensilized polypropylene film
Water-based acrylic adhesive

Produced for light duty strapping, packaging, bundling and palletizing applications. Durable tensilized polypropylene backing provides strength and abrasion resistance. Emulsion acrylic adhesive quickly creates an aggressive bond on a variety of substrates and surfaces.


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Physical Properties

Standard Metric ASTM Test Method
Adhesion to Stainless Steel 34 oz/in width 3.72 N/10 mm D 3330 & D 3330M
Elongation 30% 30% D 3759 & D 3759M
Service Temperature Max 250 F 121 C N/A
Service Temperature Min 0 F -18 C N/A
Tensile 100 lbs/in width 175.1 N/10 mm D 3759 & D 3759M
Thickness 2.8 mils 0.07 mm D 3652 & D 3652M


Light duty strapping. Packaging. Bundling. Palletizing.

Sizes and Colors Available

Dimensions Rolls Per Case Weight lbs/case Cases Per Pallet Available Colors
12mm x 55m 72 8.0 72 BLK CLR
18mm x 55m 48 9.0 72 CLR
18mm x 55m 48 8.0 72 BLK WHI
9mm x 55m 96 8.0 72 CLR WHI